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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> i think the record should reflect the witness moved her right arm suddenly across her torso. >> records so reflect. >> i was so angry he grabbed my arm in front of my son. >> why does that concern you?. >> not only that, the profanity, i think was worse. >> and as you know mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence which led to his removeal as the city sheriff. he's trying to get his job back at this official misconduct hearing. lopez supporting him and her testimony. let me tell you there are so many people here for this hearing that there is an overflow room on the first floor of city hall. people are watching on a monitor, these are supporters of lows yez, apparently because every time they make what she -- she make what's they think is a good point they cheer. live in city hall, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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and lopez is on the witness stand right now. >> let's take a look now and listen a little bit more of live testimony before the ethics commission. >> these days domestic violence and what she thinks about all of this. >> so miss lopez, i want to get at what you said to mr. hanes and what she said to you. not the many things that may have happened in the background that led to one person saying something. o -- . >> do you want to repeat it for you?. >> no. i'm going to. are you ready for my question? >> yes. >> hold on a second, miss canny, i'm noticing you in the front row. i really we're trying to get through this testimony, we're trying to pay attention. i do not want to hear you or frankly anybody have disruptions, okay? when these questions are being asked. so, please. help us here.
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>> so miss lopez, did you tell miss peralta-hanes your lawyer was thinking about calling the police to report the december 31 incident with your husband? >> no. i didn't said that. >> so you never asked her any advice with regards to that? to that possibility? of your lawyer calling the police? >>. >> what i told her that is my lawyer is suggesting her plan is her plan is like her advise and i thought that is her advice, not her plan. and would accuse ross of domestic violence. >> okay. so you told miss peralta... >> you're hearing llya na. lopez on the stand. dan noyes is tweeting right now lopez's testimony, you can follow him on twitter dan
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noyes, he's using hash tag mirkarimi. >> another subject i team reports ucsf medical center is dealing with a racially charged incident a noose in an office out in the open. workers there contacted dan noyes and tonight there is an investigation you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> this happened july 10th in the inventory warehouse. a large noose hung for anyone to see. and an african american worker snapped a picture and sent it to me with a supervisor's e mail identifying an asian american worker admitted he knotted the rope and hung it up with not racial malice but an innocent prank. workers say this is just the latest example of racial tensions here. they won't go on camera but one of them has hired a
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lawyer. they're now in discussion was ucsf and considering a hostile work environment lawsuit. >> there is an orgy of lynchings in the south. they made postcards out of the hung, and burned body autos we got reaction from naacp. >> it's violence. it's a violent image when you see it. and it's suggesting a violent reaction, number one. you want to start protecting yourself and start wondering who you've got to look out for and watch your back. >> the reverend is concerned about ucsf response to the incident. a spokeswoman declined to be interviewed but sent a statement reading in part an extensive ucsf police investigation was immediately undertaken and conclude there'd was no evidence of a crime. >> most often, i noticed when racism happens, the first thing most people do and most police jurisdictions do is
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deny it. >> the they claim the district attorney determined a crime had not taken place and declined to file charges that. not true according to a spokesman for the district attorney. the d.a.snts saying it's not a crime. there is insufficient evidence to prosecute this case at this time, if, and when someone aarrested the case may be reconsidered. it may be up to the police force whether to pursue this case. >> i called the worker and left several messages. and i tried, what appears to be his house in santa rosa. no response. for this, ucsf place hoinld what they're calling investigation leave. for the i team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> and abc 7 news obtained dramatic video of a frightening accident we've reported here last night. in warning you may find this graphic. a white nissan plau plows down
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a spotlight. you can see a 1-year-old girl and this view, you can see the woman's 5-year-old son on a tricycle. the anguished driver picks up the mother's limp body then lays her on the road. he then reacts to the situation. >> he was very distraught. he is cooperative. from the time during our interview and accepted responsibility. now starting to realize consequences of a bad decision. >> and he was arrested for felony reckless driving, additional charges could be added depending on what happened to the little girl. she remains in intensive care, her mother sustained just minor injuries and authorities say the accident was the result of road rage between he and another driver. the second driver was in the arrested but could still face charges depending on what the investigation reveals. >> there is a south bay mother
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coming forward to say authorities ignored claims a suspected child predator abused her son. the woman did not want to be identified but told abc 7 news that back in 2009, her then 11-year-old autistic son complained about a teacher touching him. she met with officials from achieve kids school and identified waking bailey as an offender but no action is taken. he is charged with raping an 18-year-old girl at the school five years ago. >> they just said that your son is makeup things. you know? i just didn't believe it. my mother's intertuition does not believe what they're saying. >> he is accused of molesting two other girls. the district attorney says there may be more abuse victims as well and they're urging them to come forward. >> more than 150 law enforcement officers fanned out across cross santa clara county this morning arresting
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20 child pornography suspects in their home called operation chicken hawk. it's the largest child porn sweep ever in northern california. >> police brought this suspect out of his house in handcuffs this morning then collected evidence from the computer and home. there are scenes like this repeated 10 times with police hoping for a total of 20 arrests by day's eend detectives are well on their way to being past the first phase, detaining everybody and tarting to go through evidence. >> there are 165 detectives from 30 law enforcement agencies helped the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force execute to warrants. today's targets represent a cluster of users sharing images through internet chat rooms. neighbors of one suspect on veera lane said he was taken into custody at 8:00 this morning. describing him as a quiet neighbor who liked to hang
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around the pool and talk to the children playing there. left behind in the van a child car seat and a holy bible. >> he was always on the computer. and i told, man that is a computer freak if i've severe one. >> he was nice. he seemed to be nice. >> the task force is one of more than 60 around the nation focusing on file sharing. police say the purpose is identify to help the victims prevent offenders from escalating crime and send a message. >> operations like this send a important message to offenders. that is if you're thinking you're going to sit in your own home on the internet trading child porn we're probably going catch up with you at some point. >> those rounded up are expected to face possession of child pornography and some fight face charges of production and distribution. >> and still coming up here
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tonight at 6:00 a scandal at school results of a state wide test, delayed because some questions were found posted online. >> later tonight what could be a major break through. researchers now believe they're on the verge of winning the war on aids. >> i'm spencer christian. there is a warm up coming our way for weekend. i'll show you it's going to be hot where you are in just a moment. >> a bay area super computer gets an upgrade to
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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shark warning signs up in apt yos after the signing of a 14 foot shark spotted by a helicopter pilot who took this picture about 20 yards off the coast. it appears to be a great white. it did not seem to be aggressive but authorities want to make sure beach goers are alerted to the danger this, is the sengd shark sighting this month. they're trying to figure out if this is the same shark attacking a kayaker on july 7th. >> and the family of a teenager killed by oak ln police is accusing the department of conspiring to cover up that shooting. a coroner's report obtained today shows an 18-year-old shot three times by officers in the chest and arms during that may 6th confrontation. plos say witnesses indicated that blueford point aid gun at officers before they opened fire. the coroner did not find any gunshot residue on hands. today, the family criticized police nor not releasing its
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own report on what happened. >> engaging in what can only be described as a conspiracy to cover up the press information about alan's death. >> i do deserve as his mother to know what happened to my child. >> a spokesperson says a police report will not be released until independent investigations are repreet peeted. >> results of the star test will be delayed because of a security breech. there are two students are from the san jose unified school district. >> there are 400 images posted online. most showed just a test booklet. only 36 had questions on the tests. referred to as star test. two of the 12 schools state
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wide under san jose. there is a middle school and san jess yeah high. the state department of education notified the school district only yesterday. >> they did tell us two students they had clekded evidence. and they had posted images of testing material on to official media web site. >> state officials worked with social networking web sites to remove them immediately. california department of education has analyzed thousands of results and are trying to find discrepancy autos there this is something they wanted to do just for being a student. >> the department of education
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has yet to decide what action to take and there is valerie's children attended the middle school. >> kids do things will w.out thinking. taking pictures and it's out there on internet. it will never go away. san jose unified school district has yet to decide what new measure to put into place to ensure that this isn't happen again. >> there is dream works animation cut the ribbon on a new campus today with support from some of the stars of "madagascar 3". and this building means they can hire 200 more incoming years. the ceo told us he is custody it will foster more hit movie autos we want everybody to
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come here, love their work and love coming to work. have the state of the art tools to be able to realize their dreams, with that, we'll continue. >> this catchus has an on site doctor and a nutritionist. sounds nice it does and the weather is nice there. >> and there is a warm up moving on at a nice pace. there is a live view and there is a beautiful site. you can see most of downtown san francisco. there is low clouds at the coast. there is a different view of what is going on here with cloud cover. you can see there is low clouds and fog at the coast there. to the north we're going to loop the radar image. this is a showers up around
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crescent city. it's departing now. the low lifts out of here. in the bay area there are temperatures on the mild side. mid to upper 70s inland. these are the highlights. there is areas of fog near the coast. warming trend continues and will be warm to hot this weekend around the bay area, there is a low lifting and moving away from us. and that is going to open the door for expansion of an air mass moving west and will continue to our warm up. that is continuing into the weekend. overnight low temperatures under partly foggy conditions mainly into mid-50s so mild overnight. there is a forecast animation at 5:00 in the morning and there will be fog lingering and then, way from the coastline.
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there are sunny skies mainly sunny skies from the coast to inland tomorrow. there are highs from 60s at the coast to 80s, into the south bay, highs from upper 70s around the santa clara. there is 79 in mountain view. low to mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco there is a high of 68 tomorrow. there is low to mid-80s in santa rosa. there is inland east bay, upper 80s in livermore and near monterey bay, highs into 70s near the bay and mid to upper 80s inland. there is the accu-weather forecast. mid-90s inland saturday and sunday. mid-80s on the bay. mid to upper 90s monday.
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it gets warmer inland. there is a cool down tuesday. but this is a nice warm up and will be a nice gradual cool down. >> nice timing as well. >> yes. >> and there is now you can wake up to the sound to the iphone alarm clock app putting news, weather and traffic at your bedside every morning. >> and still coming up fallout from the nuclear disaster in japan. >> estimate on casualties it
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farmers are seeing crops destroyed by drought. and more than two dozen states are affected in arizona nearly 40% of the corn skrop in poor condition according to the department of agriculture. there is a bright spot, though, here in california. >> local corn is in good supply. as a matter of fact a lot of chain stores have it on special. there is p for 1s skpdz one store has it for 6 for $1 so
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there is no problem. >> he tells us there is plenty of corn available from brentwood, gilroy and dixon. the shortage in the mid west affects corn grown for cattle feed and ethanol. >> there is a team of researchers concluded cancer and death toll from the nuclear disaster in japan could be higher than predicted. it was damaged last year and the united nations predicted there would be no fatalities. the stanford researchers have determined nearly to% of the radiation probably reached land and would likely result in 130 deaths and 180 cancer cases. up to 30 casualties here in north america. there is research first reported by california watch and more than 30 starving pelicans being cared for by
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the peninsula humane society. the birds brought into the care center in the past two weeks and they're emaciated and hypo termic. staff are tube feeding them and they've been using space heaters and heat lampes to keep them warm. there are younger birds less skilled at diving for fishing most affected. society sees about 25 pelicans per year. >> and when we come back tonight we're going to check in on testimony of ilyana lopez telling her version of events in her husband, ross mirkarimi's misconduct hearing. >> and why bay area researchers are now optimistic about a world wide cure, soon. stay with us.
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good evening. the woman at the center of the scandal involving san francisco's suspended sheriff is testifying right now.
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eliana lopez is on the stand as we speak. he's she flew in from venezuela yesterday to tell her side of the story about what happened the night she got into an argument with her husband, ross mirkarimi, the suspended sheriff. we are live and she may testify several hours. right? it could be and you've been taking a peek so you know there has been back and forth going on up there. and eliana lopez being grilled right now by the deputy city attorney. later on it will be more friendly territory, cross examination by her husband's attorneys. there are shots of her as she arrived, the star witness arriving and heading into the hearing there is lopez aesz attorney saying her client wants to get across how betrayed she feel business her neighbor going to police with that video we've seen of her bruised and crying. lopez says she thought madison was an attorney. and she's been trying to explain her conversations and
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text messages to mirkarimi's campaign manager, but has training and counseling domestic violence victims. >> i didn't expect my lawyer could act by herself and call the police by herself. and i, yeah. i thought that wasy decision. if i really want to make this a big deal that was in the my intention, i think. >> if this is a long night for eliana lopez it will be a long night for commissioner who's are expected to decide whether to pursue perjury charges against the mayor, there are witnesses that want to be subpoenaed and say the mayor loi lied twice during testimony, he denies that. live in san francisco city hall, abc 7 news. >> very interesting. thank you. >> let's take a look one more time, live at the lopez
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testimony. >> that is a good friend and a good lawyer she waited three hours to let me know she opened an investigation. i think she was really taking care of me. >> i'm going to strike that response. >> sustained. >> lopez you need to answer these question autos okay. >> um... no. >> okay. >> and were you on the phone with lynn yet peralta-hane whuz found out there was a police investigation? >> no. >> okay. >> how long after you found out there was a police... >> you can see there is a contentious exchange going on there. >> yes. >> this could continue for another couple hours, perhaps, abc 7 news i team is tweeting the testimony follow him on twitter at dan noyes hash tag mirkarimi. >> the way area has been on the for front in the battle
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against hiv and aids three decades now. a group will be part of a major announcement at the aids conference in washington, d.c.. there is mark matthews with what could be a turning point. >> this sunday at largest aids conference in the world there are researchers announcing they have the tools to end a disease. there is guy vandenberg this year turned 50. >> in early days i had friends who died. of hiv. many. >> he says in those years there wasn't much that could be done. >> first decade was helping people to gelt ready for death. >> in the second decade of the disease around 1996, a combination of drugs began to show result autos treatment was complicated but l is hope. >> the aids drugs reduced transmission by 96%, male circumcision shown to cut risk
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in half. and timothy brown became cured of the disease after a bone marrow transplant. many break throughs the head of the hiv-aids division is going to be part of a turning point announcement at this weekend's aids conference in washington, d.c.. >> we're going to be talking about the beginning of the end of the aids epidemic. >> i subscribe to that. i do believe that. >> he says we have tools but what is lacking is wareness. he and his partner have been working in africa. >> when there was a lot of stigma he would be on market square with a translator and a sound system and say... this is my name, i'm from the united states. i have hiv. and the marketplace would stop. >> in africa, he says patel sofr awareness in the united states, he says it's a fight against complacency. only 7% of those questioned
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said they thought hiv-aids was a serious health issue. >> if you asked them in 1988 you might have gotten a different number. >> he says 25 years ago a lot of people here were talking about hiv and aids. it was more of a public health concern. and the goal of aids conference in washington, d.c. begins this sunday is in part to raise the level awareness. >> and tonight money matters google pulls off another miracle. despite the acquisition of motorola mobility, revenues rose 35%, earnings up 11%. microsoft reported first quarterly loss in its 26-year history. the company taking in $18 billion but forced to write off $6 billion because of a 2007 acquisition. safeway reported a 16% drop if profits. and wrapped up advertising and
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rolled rolled out a new loyalty program to steer cher customer as way from targ rit and walmart. apple has been ordered to run newspaper ads in britain saying samsung did not copy the ipad. few companies have been locked in a patent dispute. prices on wall street climbed thanks to a good outlook for technology companies. eeb way went up 8.5%. and mark zuckerberg no longer one of the 40 richest people. stock down almost 25% since going public. he's just worth $15 billion. >> it could be the biggest movie event of the year. >> we're live there tonight. >> yes. it's "black knight rises". people have been lined
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and property for the dark night rises and most screenings for this chapter of the trilogy are sold out. >> and don sanchez has seen the film and live tonight in san francisco. hi, don.
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>> there are people trying to get tickets. they fell for up to $100 in new york and $44 here, people lined up this morning to get in far that show a krogs the country big screen showings are sold out. and nationally, 2000 screenings are sold out. fandango afilm accounting for 91% of the sales. outpacing avempkers so, how is it? here is my review on the aisle. >> batman disappeared and bruce cane is living in seclusion. and there is. >> you and your friends better
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baton down the hatches. >> there is a mask. >> there is a troubled past, releasing prisoners and strois the economy. and bane doesn't like football. it is bleak, but the action is exhilarating including a plane hijacking. ann hathaway is a frej of fresh air as cat woman. >> what is kind of lame is the showdown. a fist fight? you know what this film is big and it needs to be seen on an i max screen. the sound system is
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unbelievable. i think i have a tooth loose from the sound system. it's big impact. and let me tell you there are quiet emotional moments which are nice counter point to that action. there are people enjoying previous films are going to enjoy it. so how do it like it? i like it a lot. i give it almost a full bucket. where am i here? yes this, is real popcorn this time instead of the other stuff. >> and just ahead here tonight a super computer gets an [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy
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some high end computer technology could soon be representing -- helping researchers around the country. the goal to ak celebrate one
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of the fastest computers in the country. >> super computers have become a key tool in medical research. scientists explained how their team linked computers to analyze long strands of dna. >> this would have taken decades and decades. >> now, the department of energy is hoping to create possibly the fastest research computer on the plan planit in tennessee. this won't be exactly new. >> we're trying to solve is that super computers need to become much bigger. >> the director with santa clara based invidia best known for producing graphics accelerateors used in high-end computer gaming.
6:46 pm
there is a tightened computer located at oakridge. >> this goes out that graphics for gaming is similar to the side we need to do in super computer autos take this model of the micky way colliding with another galaxy. he says a single test was able to simulate the movement of the stars helping researchers determine odds of earth being thrown out of our own galaxy. the power is revolutionizing more than just research. it's changing medical imaging and giving a virtual window. >> beating heart is a moving target. >> there is a system allowing surgeons to turn it a static image. and there is a processor
6:47 pm
trance plate lating movements to a system to the movement of the heart you have to reconstruct in realtime. >> there are thousands of mod yules fitted into the super computer, and making it eight times faster and capable of carrying out operations per second. this is mind boggling speed. >> fastest super computer in the world is possible. it goes into your pc. >> making it possible to track tiniest molecules or farthest reaches of the galaxies. it's expected to be comb com pleeted in the fall making the computer more energy efficient. and there is a pretty exciting. >> big change. >> there is a last check on
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the weatherment getting close to weekend. >> it's warming up. and there is a look at forecast tomorrow. for the state of california gooding to be warming up up ask down the state. there is 98 in fresno. there is highs 88 in livermore, 89 in antioch and clear lake. 81 town in san jose. there is the accu-weather forecast. saturday, sunday, mid-90s inland. mid-60s on the coast. there is highs into mid to upper 90s there is a cool down tuesday and starting wednesday and thursday. no sharp changes in weather. it's happening a measured pace.
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>> we want to thank those of you who request the like button. every like means another dollar for the sleep train dream campaign. thank you to gloria d and eamond. you can contribute clothing. and there is foster children able to move into home was out any belonging autos they run out of shoes and clothing and many don't want people to know they're in foster care. and they have the same types of clothes they're in the embarrassed when going to school. they have supplies and shoes and clothing. >> there is clothing needed for all age groups. you can donate new supplies to like us on facebook go to abc 7 news page. and you'll be helping to
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change a live. >> and coming up, tiger woods gets another chance to prove he's back. >> there is a good day
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join me tonight at 9:00, expanding definition of a modern family. what this generation of men is doing. >> then at 11:00 the ipad versus nexus 7. what happens when your tablet takes a tumble? this is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> now let's talk about british open. >> and there is round one, weather is often a factor but conditions were ideal today for opening round with lots of low scores. who do you think these guys are rooting for? nice costumes. tiger woods with a nice opening round there is a tiger in sixth place. there is a finish tie for three over, steve stricker tied at minus three. and there is a second shot on
6:54 pm
the par three 5th. rolling and rolling and in. second place, it's five under, just one back of adam scott matching lowest round ever on this course. there is six under 64. and there is a first round leader. there is johnson, laurie and n.a three way tie for second. there is giants going for sweep today in atlanta. held braves to only three hits. giants fans are bribing the ball boy and... kid is taking the money. 1-0 giants there is freddy freeman drilling this one to right. that is 13th of the year there is michael born. there are braves up, 2-1 there is second homer of the day.
6:55 pm
he went seven innings allowed three runs and he's the pitcher as braves avoid the sweep. and there is andrew luck signing with the indianapolis colts today, four years, just over $22 million. colts in rebuilding mode after going two and 14 last year, he replaces peyton manning. jeremy lind signed a three year deal with houston rockets, he played in two preseason games in december before being released then has been kind of a strange journey its been an unbelievable ride. just a lot of things i didn't expect to happen. this is in terms of the way last season left.
6:56 pm
and i'm thankful. >> there is darren williams, a team high 19 points there is a tour de france takes 17 miles. there is the third of the tour. bradley wiggens retains final jersey. there is a record foremost pooches in the stadium. >> that will be interesting. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and, ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. i'm starting to get very excited, because in a week and a half from now, you and i will get to enjoy some of the brightest 10-, 11-, and 12-year-old kids you have ever seen on "jeopardy!" in our kids week. but today you get to enjoy a stay-at-home mom, julie, who is facing mike and shelly, the challengers. boy, do the guys look serious. gee whiz. all right. good luck, all three. here we go--jeopardy! round. and here are your categories. first off... put me in! next... you know it. i know it...


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